Trends in Cat Items

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While there are many new trends in dog toys (a minimum of going through things i saw in the Global Pet Expo), the kitty world continues to be greatly missing in novelty. The vast, majority of things i saw at Global (which has not altered much in the last couple of years) for cats fell into 1 of 3 groups: toss and bat toys (usually versions on toss-able fake rodents), affordable wand toys (the type that appear to be much like your child won them in an arcade – you realize, in which you earn tickets and may redeem them for affordable toys?), and various cat furniture (I occur to LIKE cat furniture, however these are greatly missing within the elegance it always appears in my experience that cat furniture must possess).

Everything being stated, there have been several new “styles” which i saw emerge only at that year’s show (I personally use the term “theme” rather than “trend” deliberately since i think these concepts continue to be relatively recent, and that i cannot say with certainty that they’ll become popular – although I really hope for cats’ sake they are doing!)

1) Electronics – The latest (and in some cases probably the most interesting) new cat items weren’t human powered, but powered by batteries. In my opinion, for instance, that self-cleaning kitty litter boxes are not going anywhere soon. These kitty litter boxes instantly sweep the litter whenever a cat exits, moving the waste into a remote container before the human arrives and empties it. There are several real advantages to these kitty litter boxes, specifically for multi-cat homes. However that there’s usually only one sort of litter which will use each box, and cats could be picky regarding their litter.

Electronic toys will also be gaining popularity. Laser toys (where cats go absolutely nuts chasing after a red us dot) have been in existence for sometime, but you will find certainly some marked enhancements. Several companies for instance have laser pointers in which the is made of big enough to sit down on the counter and all you need to is switch a switch. The laser at random stands out round the floor and wall, and turns itself off after a set fee of your time. This can be a wonderful concept for those who have cats who enjoy playing at odd hrs (or who require to draw attention away from cats who insist upon located on their keyboard when they sit lower to create your blog posting). Human powered and cat powered toys aren’t going anywhere fortunately. Interactive play promotes connecting between cat and human, and it is an enjoyable experience. However, it’s nice to possess options!

2) Quality Cat Furniture – Yes I understand I ranted at the outset of this publish about the possible lack of quality cat furniture. Apparently, a couple of smaller sized pet product vendors feel exactly the same way I actually do. Although we had our share of cheap cat furniture, there have been some really exquisite ones in the show. From designs to itching posts, more smaller sized providers will work on offering designs, beds and itching posts which are attractive to the kitty and very pleasing towards the eye.