Important Reasons to Take Your Pet to the Vet Regularly

Pet Care

Although you may not always follow this rule, it is recommended by your doctor that you visit for a wellness exam at least once per year. This visit includes a physical, various questions about your health over the last year, and more. Your doctor will use this time to ensure your health and weight are at appropriate levels and watch for signs of certain diseases associated with age or your medical history. Without these check-ups, you may miss something serious until it is too late to treat and you find yourself in the hospital.

The same rule is applied to any and all pets in your home for the same reasons. Animals are subject to the same illnesses and issues as you are, but they do not have the voice to complain when they feel pain. A broken bone is hard to miss, but a tumour may go unnoticed for months or even years. A yearly wellness check-up at the vet will protect your furriest family members from potentially harmful issues and help ensure they have a long, happy life by your side.

Some illnesses, if caught in early stages, are easily treated with medication or a simple procedure. The earlier you catch a problem, the more cost-effective and painless the solution. For example, you may take your dog in for his wellness exam only to discover she is several weeks into a pregnancy. Learning well in advance will give you ample time to find homes for her puppies, determine how many there are, and create a safe and comfortable space for their birth. Catching worse issues, such as cancer, early may make the difference between a long life and losing your friend too soon.

The Vet Staff

Dedicated and experienced Ku Ring Gai vet staff will treat your pet as if they were their own. Pets age much faster than humans, meaning just one missed annual check-up would be similar to missing several years of them. The right staff members will ensure your pet is in optimum health, give them any vaccines needed, and look for diseases or issues associated with their current age. These people love animals so much they made a career of healing and protecting them. Therefore, you can trust their judgement and advice on what to do if or when they do discover a serious issue.

You May Not Know

There are many issues that you cannot see with the naked eye, and your pet may not always exhibit signs that they are in trouble. Often, the worse issues cause no pain or discomfort until in the final stages. For this reason, you need to bring your pet in for its annual check-up to ensure there is nothing hidden and waiting to cause heartache for the entire family.

Your trained vet will perform every necessary test and have the knowledge needed to find even the most inconspicuous problem. Although the lives of your pets may be shorter than yours, they deserve to enjoy each year they have to the fullest. An annual check-up will ensure they have that chance.