German Shepherds For Personal Protection – Qualities To Look For


Are you looking for personal protection dogs for sale? Then you must definitely approach the German Shepherd breeders in your area. German Shepherd puppies for sale would be exactly what you need if you are looking for providing protection for your family.

If you’re wondering what makes German Shepherd puppies the best personal protection dogs, here are a few factors that you must consider.

Prey drive

Prey drive is something that every animal and every dog has. It is nothing but the natural instinct to hunt for prey. All dogs have this instinct, but it is not present in equal measure in all of them. Certain types of herding breeds have been helpfully bred in order to curb the prey drive and provide protection to exactly those animals that the dog would otherwise be hunting in the wild. The prey drive is a powerful and useful instinct. However, it must be completely controlled and harnessed if you have to consider a dog for personal protection. You must buy only a dog whose prey drive has been brought down to controllable and manageable levels. This is usually accomplished with the help of selective breeding.

German Shepherds

The level of alertness

all personal protection dogs must have a significant level of alertness and protective instinct. They must be able to notice anything suspicious and also must instantly spring to action. Alertness does not necessarily mean that they bark at everything and go berserk even when a few leaves blow across your yard. The dog has to have enough intelligence to understand and distinguish between natural sounds and disturbances, and actual threats and provocations. A dog that is too vigilant is not really the right choice for personal protection.

Instinct for altruism

dogs typically have the instinct to help others. Especially herding breeds have been known to perform many altruistic acts. German shepherds are known to perform a very large number of altruistic acts. When you choose a herding breed, you can expect it to have a good sense of altruism, and it will definitely put your welfare first.

German Shepherds

When you choose a herding breed, make sure that you will be able to provide it with a lot of stimulation, exercise, and training. Otherwise, it can become very anxious and nervous. This is not a good idea, and it can cause trouble for you and your family. So before you buy a personal protection dog, make sure that you research and find out all about its streets and personality characteristics before you make the final decision

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